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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by privacy? Reply To: What do you mean by privacy?

  • Ishita

    October 3, 2021 at 6:30 pm
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    Privacy means the intimate time or things that we want to spend or give within ourselves or our trusted people. Privacy is essential for every human being. Privacy gives us the power of spending our time as we want. It protects our important information which we don’t want to share with the public. It ensures our freedom and power. We can be our true selves in our private time. It allows us to feel safe, confident and out of control. Privacy gives us the time and space to enjoy our lives fully. We can do whatever we want to do or we like to do in our private time. Especially in the world of social media, it is very important to protect our privacy from others. Establishing applicable limitations means you are in restraint of who is enabled to see the data you share. On social media, there is a “block” option which is to a particular person who has no way of seeing your activity online. Though we have this still it is simple to trespass. For celebrities for example in the severe vicinity of the “media’s vision ”, the paparazzi come after them everywhere even if they are using intimate time with family making privacy almost non-existent. Nude pictures were dropped on over 1,000 female celebrities on the Internet without their approval. They open them up to extreme criticism they never had restraint over and harmed their status. So this is the reason in this era of technology it is quite hard to maintain privacy. Many laws are passed to maintain the privacy of people and The Supreme Court of India has held privacy and punishment for the people who harm others by using their privacy. The basic right under the Constitution of India. The right to privacy will find a spot under article 21, part III of the Constitution.

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