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Activity Discussion General Discussion Describe a great day. Reply To: Describe a great day.

  • Ishita

    October 4, 2021 at 2:43 pm
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    The greatest day of my life is my first day at school. I consider it a great day because school is the place that builds me as a person. It also gives me so many good memories and friends for a lifetime.School life is the most precious time of our lives. We entered the school without any knowledge and ability but when we left school we had so much knowledge and ability. School is taking the first steps towards our education. But when we think about the school we can’t only think about studies, school is more than an institution to us, it becomes our second home with lots of loving friends and teachers. Pretty much all of us remember our first day of school, me too. My first day at the faculty is that the most vivid memory of my life. When I first joined my high school I was 9 years old. I was admitted to the 5th standard. I was very excited and quite nervous once I first entered my school. My mother brings me to school. My school was so big and it’s an enormous playground. I was so happy to see it. When I entered the hallway I got a little confused to find my classroom then a senior helped me to find my room. When I entered the class there were so many children my age, I sat on the right side of the bench. Two girls sat in bed beside, Riya and Pooja, they soon became my friends. They remain friends till now. I had three classes before the lunch break, all teachers were lovely and we could undoubtedly ask them any questions. On the lunch break, I played hide and seek with my friends on the playground. We also shared tiffin. After the lunch break, I had two classes and at 3 p.m my school got over. I went out of school and I see my mother standing and waiting for me. My first day at the faculty is memorable I made new friends, learn many things and have an excellent time. This day are going to be forever in my heart.

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