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Activity Discussion General Discussion How is water pollution affecting the aquatic life? Reply To: How is water pollution affecting the aquatic life?

  • Ishita

    October 5, 2021 at 6:04 pm
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    Plastic pollution is affected the most in the life of aquatic animals. Aquatic lives are different from the lives of the animals ashore. They breathe inside the water. They also require oxygen but their method of breathing is much more different than other animals on land. We breathe oxygen through the air and they breathe it through the water. Aquatic animals usually don’t get in contact with the world outside water. Water is the entire world of aquatic animals. Besides animals, there also are many plants that live under the water. We all also need water for living, but we need it differently. We drink the water but these animals reside inside the water. Aquatic animals sleep in the water bodies, like ponds, lakes, rivers, and therefore the sea. But some aquatic animals can live in both water and land. Like frogs, ducks, and many more. But the animal that involves our mind as aquatic animals is fish. Dolphins, sharks are also aquatic animals. So we can imagine how hard it would be for them to live in plastic polluted water. Every year a large amount of plastic was found in the water, which leads to the water becoming unpurified, so you can imagine how much it can affect our lives. Plastic is always found on the land so it affects the fertility rate of the soil and ruins it. Several of the aquatic animals wrongly gulp it and choked to death. A record showed that most of the dolphins died due to plastic, they accidentally ate it and it stuck in their mouth so they can’t able to eat anything and die due to starvation. So we can see how much plastic harm affects the ecosystem. A small amount of plastic is fatal for our environment.

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