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Activity Discussion Environment What is life cycle of plants? Reply To: What is life cycle of plants?

  • Ishita

    October 8, 2021 at 4:25 pm
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    Plants are the lifeline of our existence. It furnishes us with equipment, life and everything we could ever want. Plants give us oxygen. Oxygen is the main basis of existence. Animals emit CO2 by taking in oxygen. It regulates every pollution on earth. It gives us all kinds of resources: wood, crops, fuel, everything. It’s our greatest friend. Products created from plants are necessary for human nutrition. plants provide us fruits rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre that are necessary for health maintenance. They fulfil an integral part of our regular nourishment. We all know that plants thrive from seeds. It puts up with lots of your length for their evolution. When seeds are planted they have adequate air, water and sunlight to grow. Seeds desire a while to show into a grown tree. Firstly seeds grow roots under the ground. The roots gradually consume more nutrients and minerals from the soil and help to grow the tree. Formerly these roots take hold of the plant, a little steam plant will begin to arise and finally break through the soil. Accordingly, the tiny plant will want more care because it was so sensitive, kind of a baby. If we do not provide them good care they’re never going to age well. Subsequently a while of absorbing water, sunlight and air a plant will ultimately get big. Then the leaves and branches will start up from the tree. After a while flower buds will begin then a flower will bloom and thus the flower will become a fruit. This is often the method of seeds becoming a plant. Usually, trees can survive for long years if they’re not cut down.

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