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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by self defense? Reply To: What do you mean by self defense?

  • Ishita

    October 8, 2021 at 5:11 pm
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    Self Defence means protecting yourself from any attacks. At this point, the level of crimes is increasing day by day so
    that’s the reason we all should be able to defend ourselves in any difficult situation. We should all know any kind of
    methods to protect ourselves from criminals. Self Defence techniques can be armed or unarmed. The armed one needs
    a weapon to defend. But in the unarmed method, you have to learn some martial arts skills or defend techniques to
    protect yourself from the criminal. Understanding self­defence through fitness is of main significance as there is
    enormous power inequality and unsafety where we reside today. At this point, women are mostly unsafe. Many
    dangerous crimes against women are conducted every day. So it will be great if they learn to defend themselves from
    criminals. If they can’t protect themselves with the unarmed method then they should adopt the armed method. They
    can carry weapons like sizers, knives, nails, chilli powder. But it isn’t enough. The government should make the laws
    more strict so that criminals get furious before committing a crime. Besides, this Self­defence has much more positivity.
    It gives us the confidence to battle against evil. We can be more confident outside. Many results show that students
    have comfortable interactions with strangers. It increased self­confidence and modified beliefs about women, men, and
    gender. Many schools are starting to add self­defence classes to their study material. And it should be increased. Not
    only women men also need to learn self­defence as well. If we know some methods to defence ourselves then it will be
    easier and comfortable to go outside at any point in time. Many women reject jobs for safety problems. So in this case
    self­defence can be the way out for this. We all have the right to be safe and sound in our places. That’s why besides
    self­defence the law should be strict as well.

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