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Activity Discussion General Discussion How does skill development helps in better career? Reply To: How does skill development helps in better career?

  • Ishita

    October 8, 2021 at 5:50 pm
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    Skill is very important to prove our ability. We can clarify our efficiency in any job by our skill. But a degree may be a
    certification of our skills. We have to accomplish a degree to validate our skills. No matter how many skills you have but
    if you don’t have a proper degree that certifies your skills then all your skills will go in vain. But on the other hand in this
    corrupted world, so many people have artificial degrees so it means they are lacking in skills. So by artificial degree,
    anybody can receive a big position but they can immortalize for a long time for lack of skills. So it means you’ll get any
    position by degree but you’ll not grow with no skills. We should be skilled to have a great career. You can achieve any
    skill with hard work, determination, and dedication. If you’ve got proper skills then it’s not difficult to realize any degree.
    By skills, you can prove yourself in your workplace. Any degree provides you with a position and skills provide you with
    growth. If you have degrees but don’t have any skills then be successful in your career. You will just be stuck in the
    same place which is very frustrating. To have a successful career, improve your skills. You can get a job or a position by
    qualifications but to be in place you need to have skills. Without it, people don’t consider you seriously, you rather lose
    your position. That’s the reason in every successful company there is a skilled mind behind. You can not be afraid or
    hopeless in life with skills. And that will be the main reason behind the successful person you become.

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