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Activity Discussion General Discussion Who is your favorite storybook character? Reply To: Who is your favorite storybook character?

  • Bhashwatee

    June 1, 2023 at 4:41 pm
    Not Helpful

    Every Twilight fans can feel it that Edward, apart from being handsome, is the best character that Stephanie Meyer has written. For me Edward is everything. He is the most kind, helpful, lovable and supportive person(well actually a vampire) I know. The way he loved Bella(his lover) is a dream for many girls to find someone who can love them the way he did. Sacrificing himself just by thinking he lost Bella show how much he loved her. He thought of leaving Bella just to make sure she lives a happy human life because of what his brother(Jasper) did shows the level of compromise. Trying to be a good person just to live with his love make me love this character more. All the things he did for Bella was mind blowing. He will forever be one of my favorite character.

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