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Activity Discussion General Discussion Who is your favorite storybook character? Reply To: Who is your favorite storybook character?

  • Chaitanya

    June 1, 2023 at 10:10 pm
    Not Helpful

    I adore Snape, Severus Snape from Harry Potter

    I can already hear you yelling “Snape was awful” “He didn’t love Lily, he was creepily obsessed with her!” “He hugged her dead body while her crying baby was in the room!” (That was only in the movie, but I’ll rant about that another day.) “He was no martyr, he deserved everything he got!” “So what if he had a bad childhood, so did Harry!”

    And you know what? You’re absolutely right. Every single reason that was listed there is another reason that I love him. Here is a character that managed to commit heroic acts all while committing horrific crimes, and he never had a dramatic character arc to switch from one persona to another. Snape continually acted on both sides of heroism. Everything ‘good’ that he did was for a ‘bad’ reason and everything ‘bad’ that he did was for a ‘good’ reason. Potterheads have literally gone in circles arguing with one another about the virtuousness of his actions. Which other character could possibly have had a heroic reason for killing beloved Dumbledore? Quite frankly, this accounts for most of my love for Snape. This wizard has done truly awful things, and yet he manages to justify it all to himself. Crazily enough, he’s obsessed with events that happened years ago, and uses these obsolete events as reasoning for everything he does. I can just imagine Snape lying awake at night going through everything he’s done that day, and reassuring himself that Lily would be proud or something. In my opinion, the man was insane for focusing a girl so much, and yet it was this insanity that played a major role in helping win the war for Harry and co.

    Rowling even did what most good authors do, she gave her ‘villain’, a pretty tragic background to make him understandable. In fact, she gave him a pretty decent chunk of emotional luggage to justify his actions, and yet everything she wrote for him doesn’t even come close to rationalizing the lump sum of his sins. In fact, it could be argued that he took his backstory and managed to use it to make himself even more detestable. I have more pity for Thanos, than I do for this guy. How does a man manage to be presented with chances to change his life at multiple occasions, and continually choose the most self-centred option every single time, until pretty much the very end? I don’t know and I love it.

    Thus to end off, Snape in my opinion is one of the most relatable characters in Harry Potter. Humanity is at its core inexplicably talented at reasoning away our actions, even though they seem horrific towards outsiders. In my honest opinion, out of all her characters, Snape was Rowling’s masterpiece. We may not end up a Voldemort, intent on taking over the world and purifying it, but we could very well end up as a person prepared to do anything, all based on irrelevant information and past events.

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