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Activity Discussion Environment Animal poaching Reply To: Animal poaching

  • Harsh

    June 2, 2023 at 3:26 pm
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    The main reasons behind animal poaching are people see animals as a source of :-

    (1)Food :- many people in the world from different corners have an different diet as compared to others some of them rely on animal because of thier geographical availability of vegetation and animals.

    (2)Financial gain :- as many body parts of animals are considered as rare and are used to make prouducts which is sold at higher price, it results in black marketing of animal parts such as rhino horn, snake’s skin etc.

    Not just these other reasons are:-

    (3) Religion:- in many religions there is a concept of animal offerings which is constantly leading to animal poaching.

    (4) pleasure:- Killing of animals is seen as a sport, people gets rewarded for hunting, it has been happening from a lot of years and is a major reason for animal poaching.

    (5) lack of protection:- Animals live in forrest mostly that might make us think that it’s beneficial for them as less exposure from humans will keep them safe, but this thing leads to thier poaching too, as forrest are too deep and dense that it a hurdle for forrest department to keep an eye on all the parts of forrest and hunters.

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