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  • Harsh

    June 2, 2023 at 3:52 pm
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    During an earthquake you can do these things to keep yourself and others both safe:-

    (1) Do not panic :- To use your mind and analyse your surrounding, you need to keep yourself calm first, as screaming and running won’t only scare and block you but also creates an Chaos to others.

    (2) Do not stay inside a building :- It’s more risky to stay inside a building, and if you’re staying at upper floors it’s better to move down to lower floors and if the exit is near it’s safer to leave the building or otherwise you should look for a table or desk and take shelter.

    (3) Do not use elevators :- Elevators must be avoided during an quake as they might not work properly and may result in stucking between the floors.

    (4) Do not re-enter a damaged building :- It’s safer not to step in a damaged building as there is a chance of shattering down of the building, there might be broken glasses, chances of furniture falling upon you. Enter only after an inspection.

    (5) Do not spread rumours :- Try both not to belive in any unofficial news and not to circulate any misinformation such news or information can lead to chaos and panic between people.

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