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  • Vishakha

    June 2, 2023 at 5:39 pm
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    Sustainable development is the key to the stable growth of the the economy. It will not only lead to the development of the present economy but will also lead to its development in the future. It means that development should take place without damaging the environment, and development in the present should not compromise the needs of future generations. This concept stresses the role of the environment as capital that, if exhausted, cannot be replaced. It requires the preservation of human capital, physical capital, and natural capital.

    The three core elements of sustainable development are briefly discussed below:

    Environmental Conservation: The primary focus of sustainable development is to protect the environment so that the resources provided by it do not get destroyed.

    Social Development: It aims to attain the well-being of an individual and society at large. It entails the availability of necessary resources, proper healthcare, and good quality of life for people.

    Economic Progress: It encourages people to invest in sustainable efforts by persuading them through its long-term benefits and supporting both the environmental and social elements of the cause.


    Real per capita income and economic welfare should continue to increase over the long run. Simply said, sustainable development means

    that resources should be utilized organically and without overusing them.

    Sustainable development aims to use natural resources and the environment to raise the standard of living while preserving future generations’ capacity to meet their own needs.

    Promoting environmentally friendly and biodegradable products is a goal of sustainable development, as is establishing sustainable plans for resource replacement or replenishment. Green architecture and other environmentally friendly building techniques are emphasized in sustainable development.

    Scope :-

    Sustainable development is observed as the mutually beneficial interaction between the legal interest of a business and the economy, government and politics, and civil society, and culture. However, these social interactions do not exist alone. On the physical and material side, the society is bound by the carrying capacity of several ecosystems, landscape ecology, and eventually the biosphere of the Earth or Nature. On the spiritual and psychological side, the three fold functional differentiation of society is inspected by the caring capacity of an individual. Therefore, we can say that sustainable development is a multidimensional concept, involving not less than four dimensions.

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