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Activity Discussion General Discussion Mental Health awareness is important from a young age. How much are you aware? Reply To: Mental Health awareness is important from a young age. How much are you aware?

  • Sneha

    June 3, 2023 at 5:23 pm
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    Thoughts come out from brain and it only control our emotions and feelings very strongly, So to connect your thoughts with health it should be right fit according your health and this Mental health is something which has a strong function to control the whole human body .

    We have heard these days that People go to depression,Do we know why ? The answer is very simple we allow our bad thoughts to hamper ourselves and this bad thoughts come by the around environment we are acquiring these days ,If we want to bring peace to world then the first step starts from within and this is only possible when ,you can calm your mind ,try to control your mind and start doing Meditation. Give some valuable time to yourself,just to improvise yourself.As much as you meditate keep your self calm it will automatically starts to show out the best results ..

    Health is something which all should consider it very seriously and work on it in daily aspect .And if you want to live your peacefully without any external bad thoughts. Just work on your mental health.

    To have knowledge about mental health to youngsters is very necessary these days they should be well studied and thoroughly know about the mental health and should tell them to implement in daily basis .

    As in this busy growing stressful world it became a necessary or necessity to stabilize our minds and look on to our mental health.

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