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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on why greed is bad. Reply To: Write an essay on why greed is bad.

  • Deivakani

    June 4, 2023 at 4:07 pm
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    Greediness is bad can be understood by a story . The story is The Greedy Dog<div>Once a dog could find a piece of meat in the market. He carried it in his mouth and ran away .The meat was very delicious.He came near a small stream . He came to the bank.He saw his reflection in the water of the stream</div><div>He was surprised to see another dog,with a piece of meat in his mouth. He didn’t know that it was his reflection.So he jumped into water to have that meat . Unfortunately he dropped the meat which he had in his mouth .Now he couldn’t get any meat . This is why Greedy is bad.</div>

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