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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on why greed is bad. Reply To: Write an essay on why greed is bad.

  • prachi

    June 4, 2023 at 5:33 pm
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    Greed is defined as an excessive desire to posses or acquire more than what you deserves or need especially in terms of material wealth, authority or fame. There is no end to greed.

    Greed may be seen in every individual in various forms. For instance, a person wants or desires towards achieving wealth more than what he/ she can take.

    Greed aims to seek satisfaction & permanent happiness but leads to temporary happiness.

    Greed makes a person impatient, selfish and conceited which ultimately leads to fear, jealousy and selfishness. For instance, when you work hard and achieve your goals you feel happy. While when you become selfish that all you achieved is only meant to be yours and others do not deserves it at any cost is greed.

    Greed leads to frustration and conflicts. However you may enjoy fame, riches, happiness and authority in the beginning but in the long run greed may make you frustrated, anxious, discontent and grumpy by not letting your accumulated wealth go away. Many a time greed brings out the worst person in you making you destructive.

    Nobody wants to be with a destructive person. Hence a greedy person becomes lonely & loses ties with people around him. A greedy person fails to understand relationships should be far more valued than wealth. True happiness could not be purchased at any cost but it has to be earned. The consequences of greed differ the way you think.

    conclusion: greed is bad , remember the highest wealth is absence of greed

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