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  • Aryan

    June 5, 2023 at 1:37 pm
    Not Helpful

    ChatGPT is a text based artificial intelligence chat bot that is developed by a company called OpenAI. The first version of ChatGPT was based on GPT3 language model but it was recently upgraded to GPT4 which can be accessed using ChatGPT Plus for a monthly fee. The free version of ChatGPT still uses GPT3 model.

    ChatGPT is trained using data that was collected until 2021. It has vast knowledge about various topics like technology, history, science, geography, programming and many other domains.

    ChatGPT can answer many questions that we normally don’t get answers for on Google. It’s mostly used for asking coding questions. It can accurately provide solutions and the steps.

    Now a days, students are using ChatGPT to get their assignments or essays done. While this makes doing homework easier and makes it less time consuming, copying assignments doesn’t really improve the creativity or the knowledge of the students.

    ChatGPT should be only used by students when they’re stuck at a very difficult question. Students need to use their own creativity and skills to write assignments or essays because it will improve their creativity and knowledge. Using ChatGPT only hurts them.

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