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  • Krisa

    June 6, 2023 at 1:57 pm
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    Gravity or gravitational force is a form of force. We can describe gravity as the Earth’s magnetic pull. We know about magnets and their attractive force termed magnetic force. Our planet Earth also behaves in ways similar to a magnet and the attractive force produced by Earth due to its magnetic properties is known as Gravity or Gravitational force. This force pulls everything towards the center; hence, we can walk and drive and do other things on Earth’s Crust. Gravity is very important because:

    1) It prevents all objects from floating in space and pulls everything towards Earth’s crust or in other words, it is due to the Earth’s gravitational pull that all things on Earth are firmly fixed in their place.

    2) We need the help of gravity for everything, say, driving a car, building a wall, etc.

    3)Space has no gravity and hence everything in space levitates. It’s the Earth’s and The Sun’s attractive force that fixes Earth into an orbit.

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