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  • Krisa

    June 6, 2023 at 2:13 pm
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    2. Three types of renewable energy and their role in the reduction of environmental pollution.

    Renewable energies are those kinds of energy that are replenished easier. It does not mean that the sources are not exhausted but it means that it replenishes at a faster rate than its usage. Three examples of renewable energy could be: Solar energy, Wind energy, and Tidal Energy

    Role in reduction of pollution :

    i) They are sources to produce electricity hence preventing the production of electricity from fossil fuels, which is a source of pollution.

    ii) Their production does not require any mechanisms that generate wastes that pollute air, water, or soil.

    iii) These energy sources can replace the combustion of fossil fuels in vehicles, and act as fuels which in turn reduces air pollution and promotes sustainable development.

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