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Activity Discussion Environment What is a disaster? Reply To: What is a disaster?

  • Rahul

    June 6, 2023 at 6:57 pm
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    Disasters is an undesirable phenomenon resulting from forces that are largely outside human control. Disasters are viewed as a consequence of natural forces but natural forces are not only causes of disasters. Disasters are also caused by some human activities.

    Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters are relatively sudden and cause large scale, widespread death, loss of property and disturbance to social system and life over which people have a little or no control.

    Classification of Natural Disasters

    Atmospheric :- Atmospheric natural disasters includes Lightning, Tornadoes,Drought, Heat wave etc.

    Terrestrial:- Terrestrial disasters includes earthquake, landslides, avalanches etc.

    Aquatic:- Aquatic natural disasters includes flood, tidal waves, storm surge, tsunami etc.

    Biological:- Biological disasters includes fungal, bacterial and viral diseases such as bird flu, dengue etc.

    Man-Made Disasters

    Man-made disasters are usually the result of things going wrong in our society. They include: blackouts, hazardous material spills, air pollution, house fires, radiation leaks, food or water contamination, and industrial chemical releases.

    Effects of Disasters on Country

    • A disaster that occurs in a country will cause a decrease in productivity, which in turn will cause a decline in economic growth in that country.

    • A disaster results in huge economic loss due to destruction of property, human settlements and infrastructure etc.

    • The disaster results in displacement of people, and displaced population often face several challenges in new settlements, in this process poorer becomes more poor.

    • After natural disasters, food and other natural resources like water often becomes scarce resulting into food and water scarcity.

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