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Activity Discussion Environment Discuss “factors determining the climate of India” Reply To: Discuss “factors determining the climate of India”

  • Bharti

    June 6, 2023 at 7:17 pm
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    There are many factors affecting the climate of India. some of the main factors are discussed below:

    1. Altitude: As we move higher above the surface of earth, temperature drops. This means higher the altitude lower will be the temperature. But due to tall Himalayas there is less winters in India compared to other Central Asian countries.

    2. Pressure and wind: Pressure and wind also affect the climate. There is high pressure zones in winter in north of Himalayas and as a result wind blows from Himalayas to southern region which has comparatively low pressure. But in summer, the northern part has lower pressure and southern part has comparatively higher pressure, so in summer winds blows from south to north. Hence we can see that how winds greatly affect climate of India.

    3. Latitude: As we know our earth is not a perfect sphere, so every part of earth does not get same amount of sunlight. It is more hotter near the equator and as we move away from equator and near poles, it gets more cooler.

    4. Proximity to the sea: Coastal areas are cooler than inland areas because of the closer distance to the sea.

    5. Ocean currents: cold ocean currents decrease the temperature whereas warm ocean currents increases the temperature.

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