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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Tenses Reply To: Tenses


    June 6, 2023 at 8:28 pm
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    Tenses are of 3 Types -Past, Present and Future. Tenses help us understand the timeline in which the action takes place. The time when the story takes place can be understood by the Tense of the verbs. Tenses are important in Grammar. Tenses help in forming verbs and sentences in the designated tense of the storyline.

    An action taken place in the Past represents the Past tense.An action taking place at the moment represents the Present Tense. An action which will be taken place in the future represents the Future tense.

    The types of Tenses under the Present Tense are as Follows:

    Simple Present tense

    E.g.I speak

    Present Continuous Tense

    E.g.I am speaking

    Present perfect tense

    E.g.I have spoken

    Present perfect continuous

    E.g.I have been speaking

    Past Tense:

    Simple past tense

    E.g. I spoke

    Past Progressive Tense

    E.g. I was speaking

    Past Perfect Tense

    E.g. I had spoken

    Past perfect Continuous

    E.g.I had been speaking

    Future Tense:

    Simple Future Tense

    E.g. I will speak

    Future Continuous Tense

    E.g. I will be speaking

    Future perfect tense

    E.g. I will have spoken

    Future perfect continuous tense

    E.g.I will have been speaking

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