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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Combustion and Flame (For class 8th students) Reply To: Combustion and Flame (For class 8th students)

  • Ishika

    June 6, 2023 at 11:08 pm
    Not Helpful

    Sohan’s water will get heated in a shorter time compared to Mohan’s water.

    The hottest part of a candle flame is the inner blue region, while the outer yellow part of the flame is relatively cooler. By keeping the beaker in the outermost part of the flame, Sohan positioned it closer to the hotter region of the flame. This means that the heat energy from the flame will be transferred more efficiently to Sohan’s beaker, resulting in faster heating of the water.

    On the other hand, Mohan’s beaker was placed near the wick in the yellow part of the flame, which is the cooler region. As a result, the heat transfer to Mohan’s beaker would be comparatively slower, and the water would take a longer time to heat up.

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