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Activity Discussion Environment Resources Reply To: Resources

  • Rahul

    June 7, 2023 at 2:02 pm
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    A resource is any material that is available to us in our surroundings that is economically viable, technologically accessible, and culturally sustainable and that helps us meet our needs and desires. Utility or usability is something which makes any material resource.

    Types of Resources


    Human Made


    Natural Resources:-Natural resources are those resources that are drawn from nature and it is used without much modifications.

    Natural resources are further divided into renewable and non renewable resources.

    Renewable Resources:- Resources which get renewed and recharged quickly are called renewable resources. Some of these are unaffected by human activities because the are unlimited in quality, such as wind energy and solar energy.

    Non Renewable Resources:- Resources which are limited and can be exhausted by human activities are known as non renewable resources, it could take thousands of years to regenerate and recharge. Petroleum,coal and natural gas are some examples of non renewable resources.

    Human Made Resources

    Natural material sometimes only can be used as resources after changing them from their original state. Buildings, bridges, roads, machines, and automobiles are examples of human-made resources derived from natural resources.

    Human Resources

    If people have the necessary knowledge, skills, technology, and resources, they can maximise the use of the natural world to produce more resources.That is why people are a unique resource. Human resources are people. People become a precious resource with the help of education and health.

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