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Activity Discussion Environment Natural Disasters Reply To: Natural Disasters

  • Anjali

    June 8, 2023 at 11:03 am
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    No country is untouched by the disastrous effects of water scarcity, which can be directly linked to the shortage of rainfall being the prime cause. Inevitable droughts for prolonged periods and lack of vegetation henceforth is a major concern that not only troubles our farmers but also us as general citizens. With lack of proper irrigation every food producing crop is at stake. Human conflict is given at such consequences leading to struggle and strife for every drop of water. Food being the source of our survival is also a big question in such conditions.

    Continuous conflicts of such nature can go on to risk millions of lives and various other losses due to increased human competition for basic necessities. Wars, strikes, disputes and clashes among nations and even at grassroot local levels can be a probable future. Water scarcity leading to diplomatic tensions in no new in these times, for example India faces considerable amount of struggles on such issues with its neighbouring country Pakistan over the distribution of Indus river water. The United Nations very validly states that right to freshwater is basic human right. Violation of which can be adverse for human health and life adding to environmental degradation and loss of lives. Animals and crop survival is also at risk. We can never fathom how our global peace and security shall suffer due to breach of such conditions.

    Rainfall is essential for crops as well as our dense and diverse wildlife. The biodiversity and wild vegetation also depends on rainfall for survival as well as growth. On simpler terms how can we expect the plants to perform photosynthesis and carry our life processes without water which is the basic requisite of such processes. Our Earth is 70% water and lack of rainfall can lead to its decline, which itself sets the reason for water being one of the important factors for our living. Economic development and growth also depends on these grounds.

    The picture depicts prolonged drought conditions as a probable threat to all.

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