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Activity Discussion Essay ESSAY Reply To: ESSAY

  • Suvoshree

    June 16, 2023 at 8:02 pm
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    Technology has always been upheld as the path to the future. Technological advancement paves the way for the growth of human society. This is all true. But in recent years, we have come to notice the negative repercussions of placing too much emphasis on technology in our daily lives. At this point in time, the reliance on technology goes beyond the simple attainment of knowledge and has fallen into the category of complete dependence from a young age.

    Technology has limited human interaction, even amongst friends and family. This has especially been the case after Covid-19 led the entire world into social isolation. After months, even years, of being re-introduced to physical social interaction, some people have yet to come to terms with their regained freedom from the four walls of their abodes. But the virus had only aggravated the situation; technology has been ruining social interactions even prior to emergence of the virus.

    The use of cell phones and iPods has always been a way for people to distance themselves from social interactions. It has had adverse effects on health as well, with people gradually losing their sight and hearing due to prolonged and repeated use. Since technology nowadays is introduced to people at an elementary age, such health defects take root much quicker and hinder children’s mental and physical development. After the virus came and went, this problem has worsened and many children are afraid of leaving their houses.

    One cannot say that everything achieved through technological development has been negative. Technology has done a lot of good and created more opportunities in every sphere of life. But one also has to acknowledge the harmful side effects and deal with them swiftly before it reaches a point of no return. Technology can be both a boon and a bane; it all depends on whether the human society treats it as an innovation or a crutch.

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