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Activity Discussion Math What do you mean by a prime number? Reply To: What do you mean by a prime number?

  • Bindhu

    June 18, 2023 at 4:17 pm
    Not Helpful

    They have two factors, which are 1 and the number itself.

    Special properties:

    1. The only even prime number is 2.

    2. All numbers can be expressed as the product of prime numbers.

    3. Writing a number as a product of prime numbers is called a prime factorization of the number.

    Example: 34866 = 2 * 3 * 3 * 13 * 149

    4. Primes are central in number theory because of the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. The theorem states that ” Every natural number greater than 1 is either a prime itself or can be factorized as a product of primes that is unique up to their order”.

    5 A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number greater than 1 that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers.

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