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Activity Discussion Art & Craft How to Make Origami Elephant Reply To: How to Make Origami Elephant

  • Swati

    June 21, 2023 at 1:52 pm
    Not Helpful

    Dear Zarana,

    Here is a video tutorial that can help you.

    How to Make A Moving Paper Toy- An Elephant


    1. A 20*20 c.m. color paper.
    2. A 12*20 c.m. color paper.
    3. A 7*7 c.m. white paper.
    4. A centimeter scale.
    5. A scissor.
    6. A Cello tape tube.
    7. A glues stick.
    8. A black marker pen.
    9. A straw.
    10. Two eyes button.


    1. Take a 20*20 c.m. color paper, place it on your desk like a diamond shape. Fold the page up to down like a triangle shape. Then fold it down to a little triangle shape, stick them both over and under part of the page with glue.
    2. Fold both sides of the pages right-left and left-right edgewise like an arrow-like triangle. It must look like the ears of the elephant.
    3. All together the page will look like an elephant’s face.
    4. Take the 12*20 c.m. color paper, make two points over it with the black marker pen and the points will be 4.8 c.m after each other. Draw the points with the centimeter scale.
    5. Take the centimeter scale, place it over the points of the page, and fold.
    6. Unfold the page, follow the fold lines and fold them over and under each other in a line shape.
    7. Unfold it and stick the bottom of the page samely with a glue stick and the left side of it. Remember do not fold the upper part of the page. It will look like a stick.
    8. Take the other page, the elephant face one. Stick glue on the stick-like pages above and attach the elephant’s face. It will look like an elephant with a trunk.
    9. Make lines on the elephant’s trunk with your marker pen.
    10. Take the 7*7 c.m. white paper, fold the paper in a square shape and cut it like a narrow triangle. There will be two triangles. It is supposed to be the teeth of the elephant.
    11. Stick glue on the small triangles and attach them under the elephant’s face.
    12. Turn the piece and take a straw. Put the straw in the straight page half. Attach the straw to the page with sellotape.
    13. Turn it over and attach the eyeballs with a glue stick and then roll the elephant’s trunk from the and See the magic with a blow!!

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