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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Birthday gift for Mom Reply To: Birthday gift for Mom

  • Kirti

    June 21, 2023 at 8:03 pm
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    Making handmade gifts for a mother is the best emotion for both a child and a mother. You can get a lot of ideas to make gifts for your mother.

    1. Handmade cards– You can make
      beautiful cards for your mother by designing them with different craft
      items or drawing tools. You can choose a mothers Day theme and use
      homemade texture paper, cutting scissors and markers, or sketch pens to
      make a beautiful birthday card.
    2. Photoframe – Yes, you can make a
      DIY photo frame using newspaper, cardboard, or any decorative material and
      place a photo inside it.
    3. Quilled crafts – You can make quilled
      earrings, pendant,s or any wall hanging with the writing of mom in it to
      give it a unique look.
    4. Origami crafts– you can make origami
      crafts like hearts or a box with a little gift in it to surprise your mom.
    5. Flower bouquet – You can just make
      paper flowers and combine them to have a bouquet by using a ribbon.
    6. Jewelry box – Everyone has
      waste cardboard at home, you can use this cardboard to make a beautiful jewelry
      box. Make a proper box and decorate it with craft items.

    7. Tailored Bangles – You can use the old bangles and with the help of wool and mirrors, you can turn them into beautiful elegant looking bangles.

    1. A DIY trophy – It is a great idea
      to reward your mom with a handmade trophy with a label of best mom. You
      can make the trophy using cardboard or any colored paper.
    2. Painting – You can make a
      cartoon painting of a child and a mom by using different colors and gift
      it to your mom. This is an excellent way to make your mom happy.
    3. Photo collage or
      – You
      can just make a collage or scrapbook of your mom and your family and
      decorate it with several innovative techniques.
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