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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Sketching Reply To: Sketching

  • Padmasana

    June 21, 2023 at 9:23 pm
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    1. Always begin your sketch with light, loose lines to establish the basic shapes and proportions. This will allow you to make corrections easily.

    2. When sketching hard objects or scenes, it’s helpful to observe and break them down into simpler shapes.

    3. References such as photos, objects, or real-life scenes can provide valuable inspiration. They can help you understand the details, lighting, and textures of the subject you’re sketching.

    4. Gesture drawing involves quickly capturing the essence and movement of a subject with minimal lines. It helps in developing fluidity and capturing the overall gesture and energy of your subjects.

    5. Different pencil grades (ranging from hard to soft) produce varied line weights and textures. Experimenting with various pencils can give your sketches depth and dimension.

    6. Understanding how light interacts with objects is crucial for creating realistic sketches. Study the principles of light and shadow, including the concepts of highlights, midtones, and shadows. Use shading techniques to bring your sketches to life.

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