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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Difference between Drawing and Painting ? Reply To: Difference between Drawing and Painting ?

  • Richa

    June 21, 2023 at 11:48 pm
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    Both drawing and painting is a great way to express the artist’s expression. Although they share similarities as both require drawing tools. But there are certain characteristics which make the two of them set apart.

    Drawing is more like an outline of a picture, shapes and objects. It includes sketching or shading the outer lines. For drawing we use pencils, pens, charcoal, crayon, inked brush, and colour pencils on surfaces such as paper, cardboard, and canvas. Drawings are more formal as compared to painting because the artist pays more attention to the details and measurements of the shapes. Doodling, cartoon drawing, drawing of architecture etc can fall under the category of drawing.

    On the other hand, painting is more realistic or we can say it is an upgraded version of drawing. There are a variety of paintings, for example, oil, pastel, watercolour, and acrylic. Painting is a wet form of art because we use colours instead of pencils or crayons. Artists use different sets of colours to make it more realistic. The choice of colours should be done properly so that the two different colours can blend appropriately. The painting can be done with a paintbrush, sponges, knives on paper, wall, canvas wood, glass and concrete.

    Paintings can be either naturalistic, abstract, or emotive. It depends on the artist’s choice of colour. We can comprehend the paintings with the use of colours and tone. An artwork with dark warm colours can reflect the gothic element.

    Pencil drawings are the foundations of a particular work. Whereas paintings are about using colours and giving life to the drawings. We can draw an ordinary picture of any object but painting the object with vibrant colours make it look alive. We can connect more through painting than drawing. As humans associate better with colourful artwork, it can give us a meaning which is difficult to attain from a drawing.

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