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Activity Discussion History WORLD WAR 2 Reply To: WORLD WAR 2

  • Nishit

    June 22, 2023 at 9:21 am
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    Nazi Germany was led by the infamous Adolf Hitler between 1934 and 1945. He is regarded as the main catalyst for the outbreak of World War II. Although a multifaceted approach to the war is appreciated, Hitler had a significant role to play in escalating and instigating the war.</div>

    Hitler believed in a totalitarian regime and believed in the expansion of his German territory. He was adamant to seek control of lost territories and unify them to form a German-speaking unified nation. His foreign policy was a direct by-product of his expansionist ideology. He went on to annex Austria, Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland due to this ideology.

    In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. This marked the beginning of the second world war. Internation treaties were violated and Hitler was pronounced rogue. Peaceful solutions and democracy seemed to have failed.

    Hitler’s anti-semetic ideology led to the exodus of approximately six million jews. The instigation of the world war paired with the Holocaust is a reminder of Hitler’s horror.

    Hitler was a leader in the truest sense, there was no democracy in the Nazi Party or the German state. His behaviour and charisma allowed him to manipulate the local population of Germany and allowed him to put fuel to his ideologies, nationally as well as internationally.

    In conclusion, Hitler’s aggresive expansionist ideologies, blatant disregard for international treaties, the Holocaust and his general manipulative demeanor can be held responsible for escalating the war. Hitler’s actions serve as a reminder for the damage caused by totalitarian ideologies.

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