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Activity Discussion History Medieval India Reply To: Medieval India

  • Jasmin

    June 22, 2023 at 1:10 pm
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    The market reform system was introduced by Allauddin khilji in the medieval period.His market reforms were oriented more towards administrative and military necessities than internal restructuring.The basic principle which Allauddin set up for his market reform was division of market, price control and set up market administration for proper regulations.To ensure that the goods were sold at regulated prices, Allauddin appointed market supervisors and spies, and received independent reports from them.To prevent a black market, his administration prohibited peasants and traders from storing the grains and established government run granaries, where the government’s share of the grain was stored.According to Barani, Allauddin set up three markets at Delhi, first for food grains, the second for cloths and expensive items such as sugar, ghee, oil, dry fruits etc and the third for horses, slaves and cattle.The Sultan fixed the prices of all commodities from grain to cloth, slaves, horses etc.The grain merchants were placed under the Sahana-i-mandi.

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