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Activity Discussion Math Ratio and Proportion Reply To: Ratio and Proportion

  • Prathyush

    June 22, 2023 at 3:30 pm
    Not Helpful

    If AB = 9cm, BC = 4cm, and YZ = 8cm, and we are given that AB:BC :: XY:YZ, we can use the concept of proportional sides to find the value of XY.

    Using the concept of ratios, we have: AB:BC = XY:YZ

    Substituting the given values: 9cm:4cm = XY:8cm

    To find the value of XY, we can set up a proportion: 9cm/4cm = XY/8cm

    Cross-multiplying: 9cm * 8cm = 4cm * XY

    72cm² = 4cm * XY

    Dividing both sides by 4cm: 18cm = XY

    Therefore, the value of XY is 18cm.

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