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  • Yogeswari

    June 22, 2023 at 3:54 pm
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    Art therapy is a type of therapy that uses art to help people express their emotions and work through difficult experiences. It is becoming more popular because it can be helpful for people of all ages and caters to a variety of needs. This in turn contributes to the overall individual wellbeing and the harmony of the society.

    Thus, art therapy certainly helps society to become emotionally connected. It is carried out in many ways. Introverts who confine their feelings can find this therapy as an easy way to communicate their emotions in a non-verbal way. Victims of trauma will be hugely benefited. Also, art therapy makes people build and maintain relationships.

    In many such ways, Art Therapy proves to be a cathartic experience.

    Do check out this short 2-minute YouTube video which will put the above-mentioned point in perfect place: (23) What is Art Therapy? – YouTube

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