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  • Zoha

    June 22, 2023 at 3:59 pm
    Not Helpful

    For school project files to stand out, few ideas may be used.

    For the cover page, try to be as creative as possible. For example, if your history project is on the topic ‘1857 Revolt’, you can make a cover made of handmade paper (preferably of brown color to give old paper effect).

    You can either write the title in any bold calligraphic style or to further enhance the look, you can take white chart paper, and cut it into strips of 6 cm width or according to the size of your file. You can then slightly burn the corners of entire strips with the help of a candle. (Make sure to be careful while doing so) Then write the title of your project on top.

    Another idea for cover page is using flower made simply from paper. You can refer to this youtube video for very easy paper flowers. After covering your file with handmade paper, you can make such flowers of different colors and sizes and paste it on one side of your front cover as a bunch, and write the title in bold calligraphic font style beside it.

    For the in between pages, one can either cut thin strips (1 cm) of different types of paper and paste it as a margin on the right side of your sheets or can also buy affordable colored tapes and paste them as the right margin to beautifully enhance the look of your in between pages.

    For acknowledgement page, one can refer to this innovative step by step tutorial.

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