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Activity Discussion Math fractions Reply To: fractions

  • Amisha

    June 22, 2023 at 6:17 pm
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    Simplest form of fraction means that the hcf (highest common factor) of numerator and denominator is 1;

    Steps of writing fraction in its, simplest form:

    1. Find gcf(greatest common factor) of numerator and denominator:

    gcf(45, 108)= 9

    2. Divide numerator and denominator by their gcf:

    New Numerator= Numerator/ gcf

    => New numerator= 45/9=5

    New Denominator= Denominator/gcf

    New Denominator=108/9=12

    3. Write the fraction in simplest form:

    Simplest form= New Numerator/ New Denominator

    Therefore, Simplest form= 5/12

    The answer is 5/12

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