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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Birthday Decor Reply To: Birthday Decor

  • Mahati

    June 22, 2023 at 9:36 pm
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    A birthday is a special event that we celebrate to showcase our love towards our dear ones, definitely requires some beautiful decor, especially for the background. But of course, not everyone can afford costly decor or hire decorators and some may wish to surprise their loved ones by doing it themselves.

    The best solution or idea for those who wish for a budget-friendly decor that they can do themselves is paper craft or origami.

    We can use old newspapers or tissue paper or other paper materials to make

    i) Paper fans

    ii) Paper honeycombs

    of various kinds and use for our decor.

    If we use color paper there is no need to paint but if we wish to create some best stuff using waste we can use news papers or old papers by giving them some nice colors.

    These can be of a single color or we can make our backdrop as vibrant as a rainbow by making multi-colour fans and honeycombs.

    Here are some youtube links that might help-:


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