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  • shreya

    June 22, 2023 at 10:07 pm
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    There are so many artsy techniques that can be used to enhance the beauty of your room . One of the first step would be to look around you for items that can be reused or upcycled to create something fascinating. For instance, you can make your own planters out of recycled bottles.

    Think of wall art concepts that will improve the home’s mood and ambiance. Utilising inspirational quotation art, you can make your living area uniquely yours.

    What supplies will I need to make my own room décor?

    using paper to make intriguing wall art or other home decor

    Fabric for the room’s walls to give texture

    Utilising vintage materials—glass bottles, cans, etc.—to create planters, vases, and other home furnishings

    Wooden materials for building furniture, ladder shelves, and other do-it-yourself room décor projects

    For your craft, add finishing touches like beads, ribbon, buttons, glitter, etc.

    Important tools include tape, scissors, and glue

    If you think this is time taking , trust me it is not it just takes a bit of patience , creativity and some hard work but then it will make your room look like a dreamy place !

    Simple room decoration ideas

    customised wall covering

    Wallpaper raises a room’s overall décor value. Select a personalised wallpaper that showcases your sense of style with distinctive patterns and hues.

    Image tiles

    Without the need of nails, hooks, or other equipment, photo tiles can be used to make straightforward wall art. These stick-on picture tiles can be cut into a variety of configurations, including squares, rectangles, and hexagons.

    art with motivational quotes

    Interesting wall art can improve a room’s ambiance and appearance. This is an easy DIY wall decoration for the living room, staircases, or bedrooms.

    Night lights

    Interesting, custom night lights can be a perfect DIY décor idea for children’s room. Choose attractive designs and personalise them so that your kids feel happy and safe.

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