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Activity Discussion Math Mean Reply To: Mean

  • Divya

    June 22, 2023 at 10:08 pm
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    Mean or Arithmetis mean is the average of the given set of values or numbers.Mean give the central tendency value in given data.It is widely used in statistics and data analysis.

    For example, In a classroom,the students scored different range of marks and we are asked to find the average marks of the class for knowing the overall class performance,this can be found out using Mean

    i.e.average marks=sum of different marks scored by students divided with total strength of the class.

    Mean of the given series can be found out by formula

    Mean=Sum of all the numbers of series/Total number of numbers

    so,mean of the above series is (23+45+67+87+55)/5



    hence mean of the above given series is 55.4

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