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Activity Discussion Math Area problem Reply To: Area problem

  • Divya

    June 22, 2023 at 10:38 pm
    Not Helpful

    Area is nothing but the region bounded by the shape of an object.Area is the two dimensional quantity.Different shapes have different areas and it has units square units(square metres,square centimetres etc)

    In the above given problem,

    length of square shaped playground(s)=300m

    radius of circular swimming pool(r)=10m

    area of the rest of the playground= area of the total play ground-area of the circular swimming pool


    area of the total square playground=s*s (area of square=side square)

    =300*300 m^2

    =9*10^4 m^2

    Area of circular swimming pool=pi*r*r (area of circle=pi*r^2)

    =(22/7)*10*10 m^2

    =314.28 m^2

    area of remaining playground=area of square playground-area of circular swimming pool

    =90000m^2-314.28 m^2

    =89,685.71 m^2

    Hence area of remaining playground is 89,685.71 m^2

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