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Activity Discussion Math Triangles Reply To: Triangles

  • Sudeep

    June 23, 2023 at 3:11 pm
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    Step 1: Show them a triangle shape: You can draw or show a picture of a triangle shape to the child. Let them observe and point to the triangle’s three sides.

    Step 2: Identify the base: Explain that the base is the bottom side of the triangle. In this case, the base is 2 centimeters long. You can draw attention to the base and have the child touch or trace along it with their finger.

    Step 3: Explain the height: Explain that the height is the measurement from the base to the top point of the triangle. In this case, the height is 4 centimeters long. You can demonstrate by pointing from the base to the top point of the triangle and emphasizing the height measurement.

    Step 4: Count the squares: Use a grid or a piece of paper divided into small squares. Help the child count the number of squares that fit within the triangle. You can start from the base and stack the squares one on top of the other until you reach the height.

    Step 5: Calculate the area: Once you have counted the squares, explain that the number of squares represents the area of the triangle. In this case, you can say that the area is 8 square centimeters. You can show the child the counted squares and repeat that it is the area of the triangle.

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