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Activity Discussion Math Probability Maths Reply To: Probability Maths

  • Anurag

    June 23, 2023 at 3:53 pm
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    To find the probability of selecting a fruit-flavored candy, we need to determine the ratio of fruit-flavored candies to the total number of candies using the given information.

    Given that the jar contains 20 candies, with 12 fruit-flavored and 8 chocolate-flavored candies, we can calculate the probability using the basic probability formula:-

    Probability of selecting a fruit-flavored candy = Number of fruit-flavored candies / Total number of candies

    Probability = 12 / 20

    Simplifying the fraction, we get:

    Probability = 3 / 5

    Therefore, the probability is 3/5 or 0.6 (60% chance of selecting a fruit-flavoured candy).

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