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Activity Discussion Science & Technology CIRCULATORY SYSTEM Reply To: CIRCULATORY SYSTEM

  • Kasvi

    June 23, 2023 at 5:21 pm
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    The human body has 3 main types of blood vessels:

    1. Arteries:
    • thick-walled blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart and distribute it to various organs and tissues
    • muscular and elastic structure that allows them to withstand the high pressure generated by the heart’s pumping
    • largest artery is the aorta

    2. Veins:

    • blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart from the organs and tissues
    • thinner walls and less muscular tissue
    • valves prevent the backward flow of blood and facilitate the return of blood against gravity
    • major veins are the inferior vena cava and the superior vena cava

    3. Capillaries:

    • smallest and most numerous blood vessels in the body
    • connect arteries and veins and facilitate the exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste products between blood and surrounding tissues
    • walls are incredibly thin, consisting of a single layer of cells to allow for diffusion
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