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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Career in Art field Reply To: Career in Art field

  • Rachel

    June 23, 2023 at 6:47 pm
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    Hi! There are several options career wise for art, here are some:

    1. Graphic Designer: Put your creativity to use & expand your options by using art in the technological world! Graphic designing is becoming more & more popular with the unlimited ways to design in the modern world.

    2. Fashion Designing: The world of fashion has no boundaries. You can unleash your creative mind when it comes to fashion! Colours? Frills? Heels? No heels? Suits? Gowns? So many ways to express your artistic self!

    3. Illustrator: An illustrator is very well appreciated by people who appreciate art. Illustrators are also used in the criminal justice world wherein you’d sketch out a portrait according to a person, so as to find the criminal!

    4. Photography: Don’t like painting or drawing? There’s another to watch to express your artistic skills! If you have a passion for clicking photos, fumbling with lighting to get the right shot & like to use a DSLR then your skills can be put to use in the photography section of the artistic world!

    5. Animator: If you’re the kind of person who prefers digital art then you could branch out into animation as well! Each & every motion in animated movies is quite literally several pictures of drawings put together to motion!

    6. Architect/Interior Designer: Have a thing for aesthetic homes? Perhaps consider branching out into interior designing & if you want a more in depth of starting from scratch before the interior designing part, you can consider architecture as well!

    There are a lot more career options when it comes to art! The options are endless really but these are just a few common ones! I hope this answer helps you!

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