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  • Banbala

    June 23, 2023 at 9:22 pm
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    Around 1716, Captain Hornigold placed Teach in command of a captured sloop and a year later, Teach took control of a frigate, possibly a 1710 Bristol-built ship named Concord. It is thought Concord was stolen by French privateers who used as a slave ship and renamed it, La Concorde. Finally, it came into the possession of Teach, who renamed the ship Queen Anne’s Revenge. This became his flagship vessel.While the ship was only in use for a year, Teach sailed to the Caribbean and captured multiple ships, building his flotilla and fortune. Few could compete with him and the Queen Anne’s Revenge which boasted 40 guns and a crew of 300.

    In 1718, Blackbeard scuttled the ship near Charleston, North Carolina and moved his crew onto a smaller sloop, named the Adventure.

    In 1996, the remains of the Queen Anne’s Revenge were discovered offshore of Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. The ship was identified by a series of coins bearing Queen Anne’s bust (1702-1714) and her successor, King George I.

    After over ten years of excavations and underwater archaeological digs, the divers have now recovered more than 250,000 artifacts from the ship. These findings included huge cannons from all over Europe, from Sweden, England and France. Many of these items can now be found at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

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