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Activity Discussion History Ilbert Bill Reply To: Ilbert Bill

  • Anwayee

    June 23, 2023 at 10:32 pm
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    British subjects in 1873 had been exempted from trial by Indian magistrates, and in cases involving death or transportation they could only be tried by a high court. But by 1883 the viceroy, Lord Ripon, proposed the Ilbert Bill which allowed a British or an European to be tried by an Indian judge. This proposal provoked furious protests and a huge controversy, especially among the Calcutta (Kolkata) European business community and the Bengal indigo planters, and there was covert sympathy from many officials. It is also known A compromise was reached by which a British subject could claim a jury, half of which would be Europeans. The new Westernized Indian middle class felt itself slighted by this arrangement, and the incident did much to give Indian national feeling a political form and became a prelude to the formation of Indian National Congress.

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