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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Acids and Bases Reply To: Acids and Bases

  • Gautham

    June 24, 2023 at 1:14 am
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    To successfully carry out the experiment and determine whether a solid substance is an acid or a base, Hardik should follow the following order of steps:

    1. D—Grind the substance to make a powder. This step is performed to increase the surface area of the solid substance, making it easier to dissolve in water in the next step.

    2. B—Dissolve the substance in water. Dissolving the substance in water allows for the separation of its ions, which is crucial in determining whether it is an acid or a base.

    3. A—Test with litmus paper. Once the substance is dissolved in water, the resulting solution can be tested using litmus paper. Litmus paper is a pH indicator that changes color in the presence of acids or bases. By observing the color change, Hardik can infer whether the substance is acidic or basic.

    4. C—Look at the changes in litmus paper. This step involves examining the litmus paper after it has come into contact with the solution. Based on the observed color change, Hardik can conclude whether the substance is an acid or a base.

    Therefore, the correct order of steps for Hardik’s experiment is: D → B → A → C.

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