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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Hitanshi

    June 24, 2023 at 1:49 am
    Not Helpful

    Since there was no specific cartoon show was mentioned, i chose shinchan as my topic.

    Shinchan is my favourite cartoon because it makes me laugh, and whenever I’m upset, it makes my mood light. I love his dog very much; Shero is my favourite character in that show. Whenever I come back from school, I switch on the TV and watch Shinchan; it makes me feel fresh.

    Shinchan makes his mom angry, but he cares for his family. He also loves Himawari, and he’s a good brother. His friendship with Masao is very good; he always helps him. His Kasukabe defence team is very inspiring; as children, they do a lot of good work.

    Shinchan is a mood lifter, and I enjoy that show very much.

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