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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Classification of Animal Reply To: Classification of Animal

  • Ekta

    June 24, 2023 at 2:04 pm
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    Animal classification is a method of organising and categorising various animal species based on their characteristics and evolutionary relationships. It helps scientists in studying and comprehending the world’s vast diversity of animals. Animals are classified using a hierarchical system known as taxonomy, which consists of different ranks or levels.<div>

    From broadest to most specific, the taxonomic ranks are as follows:

    Kingdom: Animals are members of the kingdom Animalia, which includes all multicellular organisms

    Phylum: The second rank. Animals are further classified into phyla based on their body structure and organisation.

    Class. Animals are classified into various classes within each phylum based on shared characteristics. Mammalia, for example, are warm-blooded vertebrates with mammary glands that give birth to live young.

    Orders – these are created from classes. Each order contains animals that have traits in common and are more closely related. </div>

    Family- Animals are organised into families within each order. Families are groups of animals that share characteristics. For example, the family Felidae of the order Carnivora includes domestic cats and other wild feline species.


    Example of few species

    1. Lion

      • Kingdom: Animalia
      • Phylum: Chordata
      • Class: Mammalia
      • Order: Carnivora
      • Family: Felidae
    2. Housefly

      • Kingdom: Animalia
      • Phylum: Arthropoda
      • Class: Insecta
      • Order: Diptera
      • Family: Muscidae
    3. Green Sea Turtle

      • Kingdom: Animalia
      • Phylum: Chordata
      • Class: Reptilia
      • Order: Testudines
      • Family: Cheloniidae
    4. Red Fox

      • Kingdom: Animalia
      • Phylum: Chordata
      • Class: Mammalia
      • Order: Carnivora
      • Family: Canidae


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