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Activity Discussion Math Word Problem on Cost(7th Class) Reply To: Word Problem on Cost(7th Class)

  • Vedika

    June 24, 2023 at 4:56 pm
    Not Helpful

    A school is organizing a field trip for a class of 42 students. The cost per student for the field trip is Rs. 250. Additionally, there is a fixed cost of Rs. 5000 for transportation.

    1)Find the total cost of the field trip, including the transportation cost.

    2)If each student contributes an equal amount towards the total cost, how much should each student pay?

    Fixed transportation cost= Rs. 5000
    Number of students=42
    Cost per student=Rs 250
    Cost for all students= 250*42= Rs10500
    1) Total cost=Cost for all students+ Transportation Cost


    =Rs. 15500

    Thus the total cost of the field trip including the transportation cost is Rs 15500

    2) Amount to be paid by each student= Total Cost/ Number of Students


    =370 Rupees

    Thus the total amount to be paid by each student is Rs. 370

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