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  • Yuvana

    November 30, 2023 at 9:47 pm
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    The three R’s are Reduce ,Reuse, and Recycle.

    Here we can see the topic Reuse clearly and briefly in this passage.

    lets start….

    Learn to reuse:

    Reusing is taking old or unwanted items you might otherwise throw away and finding a new use for them. There are all sorts of ways you can reuse items to helps reduce your trash footprint.

    Clean out your closet.

    May be your size has changed. Maybe your tastes have changed. Instead of throwing away clothes you don’t want anymore, give them to someone who will want them. If you have a box of toddler clothes, for example, and your “baby ” is now in grade school, give the clothes’ to a friend with a young child. You van also donate your clothes to any number for charitable organization they give your clothes a good home, you get nice tax deduction.

    Share your toys:

    Do you have a bunch of toys you don’t need anymore? Donate them to a local daycare provider, preschool or family with kids. You can also donate them to local charity. The more you share, the less you waste.

    Find a new use for an old item:

    When it’s time to throw something out think about other possible ways to use it. Glass jars, for example , can become storage for your crafting area or shop. Old bath towels can be cut up and used as wash rags. Plastic pop bottles taken on a new life as bird feeders. Make a woven basket or tray out of old magazines. And the toothbrush you’re replacing is the perfect scrub brush for hard to reach areas.

    Have a garage sale:

    <b class=””> You know that dining room set, exercise equipment, Knick knacks , blender and other things around the house you no longer use? There’s someone out there who would love to have them. A garage sale is a great way to clean out your space and help reuse all the items you don’t want . You can make a little money too. And when the sale is done, box up anything that didn’t sell and donate what’s left to a local charity many of them will come to your house to make a pickup.

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